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2020-12-22The advantages of tinkering with furniture

Tint pen suitable for surface repair of baking paint. Appearance of anti-white, slight scratches. Ca……[More]

2020-12-22Furniture craze, how to repair

General solid wood furniture is transported in the process that reach use hard to avoid some knock a……[More]

2020-12-22How to use furniture repair crayons

It is well known that furniture repair crayons are one of the best ways to make your furniture recov……[More]

2020-12-22Furniture repair paste repair principle

Furniture repair paste is mainly made of resin material with various pigments and additives such as ……[More]

2020-12-22The importance of tinting pens to furniture

The person that notices the style that occupy the home has a lot of, although the comfortable that n……[More]

2020-12-22Tips for furniture repair

There are three main categories of furniture repair materials, which are tinting materials, tinting ……[More]

2020-12-22What are the effects of fixing crayons

Repair crayons are generally used in furniture repair above, so what can be repaired? Hot marks, dam……[More]

2020-12-22Some knowledge of repair

Tinkering paste is familiar to us, but how much do we know about it? So today repair paste manufactu……[More]

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