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2020-12-22What is furniture repair material basically?

There are all kinds of furniture repair material, according to the material of furniture, use differ……[More]

2020-12-22Furniture repair material Furniture maintenance cracking rep

Furniture repair material Furniture cracking repair is not difficult, after the following six proces……[More]

2020-12-22Furniture repair material wood furniture with what wax maint

Furniture repair materials are generally dedicated wood furniture wax, furniture care wax, floor wax……[More]

2020-12-22How should furniture repair material choose?

How should furniture repair material choose? Some problems will appear more or less after the furnit……[More]

2020-12-22What are the coloring pens

What kind of skill should be grasped when the color brush is applied to make good quality, and then ……[More]

2020-12-22Glazing method for furniture repair materials

1, the polish wax coated in furniture repair materials on a clean white soft cloth, it is best to pu……[More]

2020-12-22What are the uses of dyes?

1. Select dyes according to fiber properties Various fibers due to their own different properties, ……[More]

2020-12-22What are the precautions for the addition of wood grain pen

(1) Wood grain pen color master can be artificially added, mixed with PVC dry mixture by the main ma……[More]

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