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What are the coloring pens

 What kind of skill should be grasped when the color brush is applied to make good quality, and then I will introduce it to you.

Take out a tint brush, use a patch paste to hold a small piece of cotton cloth in your hand and fold it into a ball. Wet the cloth and rub it on the newspaper (preferably several layers) with a tint brush, then rub it one by one with other toners. After we see the color on the appropriate quantities, and repeat up directly with cotton cloth wipe, edge with dryer, wipe a light colored hand must not rushed on colour to have patience, can't eager to one pace reachs the designated position, take cloth sergeant force water, good color, gently with cotton cloth, coloring time and get a hair dryer to follow on. About the novice demand by, with an electric hair dryer, side of the wind side color. Of course, with a hair dryer only, for beginners to know and grasp the color rules of the data, to be known and grasp the color rules of the data can not be used. Until color harmony.
If feel colour layer is too thick after chromatism, can take steel wire cotton, brush on good colour gently thin, next in chromatism. The final step of polishing, use back to the piece of colored cotton cloth, do not get too wet, dry a little bit better, in the good color of the local dab back and forth, from repeatedly, until the light. If you keep the light on for less than 20 seconds, it's over. Need matte finish, take steel wool to rub irregularly.
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