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How should furniture repair material choose?

 How should furniture repair material choose? Some problems will appear more or less after the furniture has been used for a long time, especially problems such as paint dropping, breakage and scratch are quite common. Once these problems occur, what should we do? Today xiaobian with you to understand some furniture repair materials and how to repair the furniture related knowledge.

What are the furniture maintenance materials?
1. Furniture repair tools
There are many repair materials for furniture. First, repair tools should be prepared, mainly including shovels for repairing smooth surface, scrapers with good scraping effect, sandpaper for repairing wood and painting, steel wire ball to remove sandpaper marks when repairing varnish surface, electric wind blowing to save drying time and wool pen for repairing oil and paint.
2. Furniture repair materials
There are three main categories of furniture maintenance materials, which are filling materials, complementary color materials and polishing materials. Among them, filling materials are baking glaze, quick-drying repair paste, white paste, hard wax, etc. The complementary color materials are color repairing ointment, color refining, spot color self-spraying ointment, spot color self-spraying ointment, ointment diluent, brightener, frosting self-spraying white paint and varnish, etc. Polishing materials are polishing paste, leather texture paste, polishing powder, polishing machine, polishing wheel and so on.
Tips for furniture maintenance:
1, furniture surface, if the problem of the drum, it is possible that the bubble generated decorative veneers, its maintenance is easy, also can use razor blades in the middle of the bubble first draw a knife along the grain direction, then glue into the slot with a syringe, a finger will flatten bubbling, glue will overflow with a wet cloth to wipe clean, with a smooth bottom then the heavy pressure is bubbling with larger area. In order to prevent the surrounding surface of the bubble from being damaged due to a small amount of glue spilling after pressure, plastic film can be covered on the bubble to separate, and the decorative veneer will be flat after the glue is dry.
2, if there is water on the furniture, did not dry left water stain marks, some color difference. Can use wet cloth cover to go up in the mark, press wet cloth carefully next with electric iron several times, the moisture in mark can encounter heat evaporate, can eliminate.
3. Soft furniture is easy to leave dents after collision and cannot bounce back. This kind of circumstance also can use wet towel to be put in sunken part, reoccupy iron heats up ironing is pressed, can restore original state. However, if the indentation is deep, fill should be added.
4, if you want to remove the furniture paint, you can remove the old paint by applying the ineffective developer to the furniture paint. After washing clean air, grind with fine sandpaper again smooth, can brush lacquer afresh.
5, for rusting furniture do not use sandpaper to polish, small pieces of furniture can be put into the basin containing oil immersion 8 to 10 hours, wipe with a cloth can be rust; If the word of large piece furniture wants to dip in oil besmear with brush or cotton yarn first at rust place, wait a moment a moment, wipe with cloth can purify rust
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