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Furniture repair material wood furniture with what wax maint

 Furniture repair materials are generally dedicated wood furniture wax, furniture care wax, floor wax, etc. Say below waxing method is used above all before glazing wax, want to check whether the surface of lacquer layer is intact. To newer woodwork furniture, want to use fine cotton cloth to wipe surface dirt first, to leave too long or the blemish that removes hard, usable cotton cloth dips in a few gasoline or alcohol to wipe. Next, with a small piece of cotton cloth berth proper amount on glossiness wax large area besmear opens, reoccupy a bit bigger dry cloth presses circumferential form cent piece wax is rubbed even, it is a standard with do not leave mark.

A, dust removal
Dust frequently, as dust rubs the surface of solid wood furniture every day. It is best to use a clean soft cotton cloth, such as an old white T-shirt or baby cotton diapers, and never wipe your furniture with a sponge or tableware cleaner. When dusting, please use wet cotton cloth, because wet cotton cloth can reduce friction, avoid scratch furniture, at the same time, help to reduce electrostatic adsorption of dust, conducive to the removal of dust furniture surface. When should avoid water vapor to remain in furniture surface, the proposal had better use dry cotton cloth to wipe again. When dusting furniture, remove ornaments from the furniture and make sure to handle them lightly when moving.
Second, the polish
In addition to frequent dust removal, solid wood furniture surface sometimes also rely on polishing to remove stains and small particles, in order to increase the aesthetic appearance. We recommend regular maintenance of the furniture with special furniture polish. Normally, there are two kinds of glazing agent, one is for the use of high gloss finish furniture, another is for the use of dull or low gloss finish furniture. In addition, be sure not to choose glazing agents that contain silicone, as silicone will not only soften and destroy the coating, but also clog the pores of the wood, making it difficult to repair.
Third, clean
In order to remove pollutants in the air, cooking fume, operation stains and residue caused by polishing, we recommend the use of a special furniture cleaner. This solvent will help to remove excess wax and prepare for polishing. Although special furniture cleaners can be used frequently and do not damage the coating, we recommend only using them 2 to 3 times a year. It is recommended that you follow these steps to clean:
1. Pour a small amount of furniture cleaner on a clean piece of soft cotton cloth.
2. Rub furniture surfaces along the grain, then turn the cloth over and wipe again until all the detergent has been removed.
3. Implement appropriate furniture glazing procedures.
4. No matter what detergent is used, do a small test in an inconspicuous place before wiping your furniture thoroughly to ensure that your furniture coating has not softened or even been wiped off altogether, and that there are no other adverse reactions.
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