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What is furniture repair material basically?

 There are all kinds of furniture repair material, according to the material of furniture, use different repair tool material, such as the cane makes up bamboo furniture, wooden furniture, soft furniture, metal furniture, acrylic and plastic, etc., are often taken some color pens, furniture repair materials have the repair glue, crayon, paint.

Repair the paint color in furniture repair materials, deal with paint problems such as falling paint, scratches and cracks in solid wood, mahogany, sticker furniture, etc. The materials used are generally toner, tinting pen, crayon, etc., while the process of repairing furniture for leather clothing, sofa, leather bed, leather bag, leather belt, automobile leather seat, leather shoes, daily leather articles is relatively complex, so leather repair is mainly aimed at the surface treatment technology of color fading, scratch, change the original color. Leather products, especially leather furniture, will inevitably be damaged in the process of transportation, production and use of the cortex or leather cornea, through surface treatment can make up for these defects.
Furniture repair materials in the color pen is composed of yellow, green, black, red four kinds of color grain. Granular, alkaline, used for mahogany, wood embryo pigment treatment. Paint commonly used for maintenance. It belongs to quick-drying paint. Can be repaired according to the furniture color to paint shop to buy. Spray paint repair for suite panel furniture local maintenance. Commonly used are white light, white matte, flash silver, pale gray beige, colorless light matte face oil. The body of the coloring pen has specific operation mode. Next is to use the air pump spray gun, homemade paint. Operate in a clean spray booth whenever possible. In the repair of paint, this usage is mostly used in the board suite, conference table table, need to be treated as a whole, to restore, need to do primer and finish paint.
Although furniture repair materials are more and more, the effect is also getting better and better, but we still want to maintain the furniture to extend its service life. Like a firework, soot or an unextinguished match, it sometimes leaves a scorch mark on the paint of furniture. If it's just burning on the paint, cover the toothpick with a thin hard cloth and gently wipe the marks. Then apply a layer of wax with a crayon to remove the scorch marks. Although it can be restored, it can be avoided if we can minimize damage to the furniture.
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